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William "Wes" Salomon PhD


Twitter: @wessalomon


Wes is a former graduate student from the Zamore lab and he completed his Ph.D. in December of 2015. While in the lab, his thesis work involved the study of the RNA-induced silencing complex by using quantitative, single-molecule biochemistry. Prior to UMass Medical School and earning his PhD, Wes worked at the RNAi therapeutics company RXi Pharmaceuticals. At RXi, he co-discovered RXi’s sd-rxRNA, a platform technology that allows for stabilization and delivery of small RNAs. Wes’s interest in understanding the underlying biology and detail to RNAi led him to apply to graduate school and to the Zamore lab where he studied Argonaute and small RNA pathways.


Wes is currently a Principal Scientist at Tessera Therapeutics - a Flagship Pioneering Company




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